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If you see these texts, or parts of them in messages, then you are dealing with a scammer, probably from West Africa or Malaysia, but may be from other countries as well. Scammers use cut and pasted text because they are usually almost illiterate, uneducated, and have little English, or because it is easier to do it when dealing with hundreds of potential victims a day. Note: scammers hardly ever address you by name and this is because it makes it unnecessary to edit messages with names in them. They will call you “Honey”, “Baby”, “my Queen”, “Angel”, etc.
Never tell a scammer how you caught him*. Never tell him about his message text and never correct his mistakes. We like our scammers to continue to be uneducated and stupid. Remember when a message suggests you send money, you are talking to a scammer and whatever the excuse he gives you, send nothing and leave without a word.
*Even if you think you are dealing with a woman be assured it is a boy in an internet cafe.   

  Be careful with the people, who suddenly contact you on SKYPE/MSN/Yahoo messenger. There are NO SOLDIERS, GENERALS, SERGEANTS or OFFICERS, using messengers who will offer you romance, especially if they claim to be in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria etc. 
ENGINEERS, GOLD AND GEMSTONE DEALERS, and similar persons are also FAKE.
Take notice: 
Government Departments DO NOT USE WESTERN UNION/MoneyGram, or similar transfers.


                This is a SCAM! DO NOT RESPOND!

                          Dating scammer   
                         James Zanderport


email of his son Mark: 
email from the diplomat:


ISP:     IT Data Ltd
Organization:  Scancom Ltd
Assignment:    Static IP
Country:          Ghana
State/Region:  Greater Accra
City:    Accra


ISP:     Vodafone Ghana
Organization:  Vodafone Ghana
Type:   Wireless Broadband
Assignment:    Dynamic IP
Country:          Ghana
State/Region:  Greater Accra
City:    Accra

Phone number used: 004917640268028

Number billable as      mobile number
Country or destination            Germany
Original network provider*    O2 (Germany) GmbH & Co. OHG

1. WU/MG Money transfer to:

Receiver: Nana O. Owusu


Country: Ghana
62 Kojo Thompson Road
City:   Accra
Country:  Ghana

Amount: 600 EUR

2. WU/MG Money transfer to:

Receiver: Rana Hakverdi


City:   Hamburg
Country:  Germany

Amount: 4540 EUR

3. Money Transfer to scammer bank account:

Name Of Bank: Deutsche Bank
Account Holder: Gisela Marsen
Tel: 004917640268028

Account No: 5572193 (This account is reported for closing by Scampolice Group and has been closed)
Swift BIC: 20070024
Bank Address: 23617
Stockelsdorf Segebergerstrasse.

Amount: 4850 EUR

4. Money Transfer to scammer bank account:

Bank Name: Barclays Bank Plc
Bank Address: 36/38 Park Royal Road,London Nw 10 7ja.
Swift Code: Barcgb22
Sort Code: 20-92-60

Account Number: 30656070(This account is reported for closing by Scampolice Group)

IBAN Number: Gb12barc20926030656070
Account Holder: Sun Mark Ltd
Attention: J.Sunnysco
Amount: 60 000 USD

Please, DO NOT BAIT SCAMMERS! Leave it for experts. Scumbaiters do this to get information from scammers and waste their time, so they have no time for victims. Scambaiters know how to hide personal information when dealing with scammers.


If you are in contact with this scammer, block him and do not contact him again and tell him nothing!

Skype ID: jameszanderport

                                FAKE SCAMMER PROFILE!

                           Stolen Photo used by SCAMMER!


Skype Name jameszanderport
Full name jameszanderport
Language English
Location Chicago, United States
About me: there is time for everything.... trust in GOD

Scammer used Photo of James Stuart on sites:

and a DIFFERENT Person on webcam:

Information about the person on photo and webcam video:

 Photos of so-called “David Young”

The real man on these pictures is unknown. This is an extremely popular picture set, one of the most used. Scammers also have a stolen webcam footage of this man available. If they show "themselves" on cam, beware: this is a fake stolen webcam recording. His pictures are also used in the military scams - scammers photoshop the head of this man on the body of a military general. The images of this man in a uniform are fake, the real man is not in the military.

An interactive video was shown to our Scambaiter. 
Scammers will often use an interactive video based on webcamchats with victims or stolen off porn model websites etc. This video will be able to show the scammer doing obvious actions if they are asked.  Most often the scammer will know the video well and so at the right moment be able to tell victim something  such as "Hang on the phone rang" and  he will then be seen leaving to answer the phone.  Often the videos are fairly repetitive and loop back, and of course  the scammer won't be able to show himself doing things a victim might ask him to do (wave his hand, give a wink etc…)  Beware  of webcam that does not look like the person he claims to be .


I met "James Zanderport" on  he deleted his profile after he thought, he caught me ;-)

 Active Profile on

James Zanderport

                          FAKE SCAMMER PROFILE!

                         Stolen Photo used by SCAMMER!


Joined Facebook
17 August

Chat on

Hello nice to meet you am james , you really look much younger than your age, I am a citizen of the united states I am currently in afghanistan for the peace keeping war mission can we chat and know a little about our self?
Ooh it very nice to hear from you .well I have been in the miliatry for the past 27 years now my ex wife die In a plane accident for the past 7 years I have one son what about you
Ooh that is very good my own (son) is  14 years of age how long have u been on this site?
what do u do for a living?
am currently in kabul because of the peace keeping war mission. This is my last mission here
I am a very open minded person
I have bern in the army for 27 years now
yes, I live with my son
Oooh yes he (son) is in a boarding school in uk
Can u tell me a little about ur self so that write know where to start all this
I consider my self to be a fairly honest and truthfull person and expert the same in return
I do lost her (wife) 7 yrs now since then I have been single . I lost most of my family during the trade world center broke down it really hurt me so much
That okay it past now life still goes on
I live in the states I did have two house there one in chicago and newyork
My family left now is just my son and his uncle
I donte courts his uncle pat of me because he is a dranker
Have up meet any military man here before?
Am really enjoying this chat with u do up have any email address for us to chat there and share pics
Okay I do have yahoo


From there on we talked on yahoo messenger - here the first conversation:

YM Avatar (with :

                        Stolen Photo used by SCAMMER!

YM Chats:

james zanderport: <ding>
james zanderport: am here now ... i did forget to tell you because of a security reason my yahoo account is set to a private that was the reason why u cant add me
james zanderport: thanks for your understanding ....
james zanderport: can we share some pictures frist
james zanderport: thanks again for accpting me as your friend frist When is your b-day??..
james zanderport: Mine is sooner the 10th of september
james zanderport: Would be a pleasure to have you here with me on my b-day to take a hike together around while we chat and smile...LOL..But a guess you can't make if here.
james zanderport: Will be a pleasure to receive something nice from you while i am here as this is gonna be my first time receiving something while on a peace keeping mission and it's gonna be from you hahaha
james zanderport: oooh no am just kidding you okay
james zanderport: (name removed) I am generally an optimistic person with a good sense of humor, fairly easy-going, and I don't think that I'm too critical about things, but I also believe that it takes two people contributing to a relationship to make it work
james zanderport: I do not expect a woman to be a servant to me, spending all her time working and and cleaning; I believe there is give and take in a relationship, and I realize that at times it's more convenient for me to do laundry, cook with her, clean, and I have no problem doing that b'cause I b'lieve and I have being thought by my God Father that it's also man's responsibility to do the house works and house chores as well
james zanderport: I do not want to meet someone who may think that they will take advantage of me or lie to me and cheat on me under false pretenses. Sorry if that sounds harsh, and I'm not accusing you of any wrongdoing, but I'm being upfront and honest about that
james zanderport: So you know where I stand from the beginning. With all due respect as well, I hope that you are upfront and honest with me, as well
james zanderport: I'm just asking you to keep it real and be honest from the beginning; that way, nobody is wasting their time or getting their feelings hurt
james zanderport: we can be sending mail to mial in our private mail what do you think aboutt that also  atlest we can reply each other


You know, what came next.... "nice" conversations, we fall in love, planning  the future together... ordinary scammer sweet blablabla
And at last  he asked for money, of course..

james zanderport: honey please read my mail i nsent you frist
james zanderport: ooh just got mail from the diplomat
james zanderport: very soon you well see me honey
SCAMBAITER: really??
james zanderport: oooh yes my retirement letter have been giving to me is left with one one that they should sign for me now,
james zanderport: wait an email from the diplomat
SCAMBAITER: why are your documents in UK? (see the letter from “Diplomat” below)
james zanderport: am telling you that my retirement letter have been sign to me today.. after everything happen also i have been reward due to my hard working here in Kabul that means less than two weeks i well be with you very soon what i need now is am waiting for the diplomat urgently to bring one of my document there
james zanderport: that was a reward from the Afghanistan government
james zanderport: there is one file in UK that the diplomat need to bring it to me urgently so that they sign me up
james zanderport: i sent mail to the diplomat.. to come urgently ... i ask him to buy me some stuffs before he comes ... for me to give to some people here before i live here but he sent me urgent email that he is short of money because of the urgent fligth he is bring here .. (name removed) my dear please can you help me to sent him some money to buy me the stuffs here i well pay you back urgently when am back
SCAMBAITER: So I should send the money to your diplomat? How much?
james zanderport: it very urgent if you can only sent the money to him for me.. so that he buy what i need i promise to paid back fast
james zanderport: it just 600 euros
james zanderport: i need the stuffs i need to give to some people here before i live here fast ...
james zanderport: i have a guy here that i promise him to give him a new laptop and some other things before i live here
james zanderport: do you understand i just want to keep my promise i dont fail my promise
SCAMBAITER: but don't you have own money there?
james zanderport: listen.... my dear... because of the war here... we have been paid in our account there in the states ... in card and am not allowed to sent money to any other country
james zanderport: by the way how did you see the pics i sent u
james zanderport: am very sorry . i look drunk that day

                        Stolen Photo used by SCAMMER!

                        Stolen Photo used by SCAMMER!

                        Stolen Photo used by SCAMMER!

                         Stolen Photo used by SCAMMER!

                        Stolen Photo used by SCAMMER!

                           Stolen Photo used by SCAMMER!

james zanderport: so my dear do u have the cam now
james zanderport: am alone here thinking about you ... am with the cam here
SCAMBAITER: I can see you (smile)

Incoming Video call with james zanderport:

                           Interactive video!

james zanderport: how do i look?  (lol! You are a man of MANY FACES, scammer! )
SCAMBAITER: you are soooooo sweet  (lol!)
james zanderport: you are the one make me happy now
james zanderport: am very happy to find a wonderful woman
SCAMBAITER: what are you drinking there?
james zanderport: it wine. just little wine
james zanderport: did you saw it  (great English again! lol!)
james zanderport: oooh smart woman. i love you okay 

Incoming Video call with james zanderport
Call Ended: 0 hours 3 minutes 16 seconds


                                Interactive video!

                             Interactive video!
james zanderport: i love you my dear i promise and swear to you that i well love you and married you my son is very happy to have a mother
james zanderport:  honey please try and sent the money to the diplomat tomorrow morning urgently okay
james zanderport: please try your best for me
SCAMBAITER: Okay, I need the information about his bank account then
james zanderport: honey you can sent it by western union money fransfer that is the most faster way... in UK
james zanderport: just go to every bank and ask of western union money fransfer. it around every where honey...
SCAMBAITER: Okay... then what is his name?
james zanderport:


james zanderport: oooh yes that all ... after you sent it they well give you a code and a tex answer for you to ent to him
james zanderport: after you sent the money... the bank well give you a code that is called the MTCN NUMBER
james zanderport: the code well be on the receipt the bank well give you
james zanderport: after you are giving the receipt just look at it there is a placed writting MTCN NUMBER that is the number the diplomat need to take the money there okay
SCAMBAITER: But James... can you do me a favor?
james zanderport: ooooh yesssssssss honey what is it?
SCAMBAITER: I know you, but I don't know that diplomat - can he give a security?
I would’t like to send money to a person I don't know…
james zanderport: oooh honey.... trust me i have been working with him for 20 years now
james zanderport: his email is
james zanderport: oooh no worried my dear... just do that for the seek of me okay...
i asure you okay
SCAMBAITER: no, NOT okay, James! If I have to send my money to him, I want a security
james zanderport: honey i do understand you very much.... but trust me honey.... you are doing this because of me honey....  trust me honey
SCAMBAITER: James, you misunderstand me... I trust you, okay? But I do not know your diplomat and so I want a security, before I send money
james zanderport: in what kind of security do you need now ?
james zanderport: do you sort of assurance or what i am bit confused here?
SCAMBAITER: he can send me a copy of his passport, that would be enough
james zanderport: yes i do understand you very much
SCAMBAITER: than you can ask him, to do this for me?
james zanderport: i will tell him to send you a copy of his passport
james zanderport: i will ensure you get that tomorrow 


The next day I got a mail from the "diplomat" and he send me a copy of his passport:

Message N 1:

From: Diplomat francis <>
To: XXXX (to scambaiter lol!)
Gesendet: XX.September 2013






                       FAKE Passport! FAKE DOCUMENT!


And the game started... I told him Western Union is using forms, which must been filled out from the receiver of the money... lol
Because nobody like this forms, James wanted now, that I should send the money with Money Gram. 
He increased the sum of money I should send…

(probably because he was thrust into a hard job by our Scambaiter   lol!)

james zanderport: My love, i have been asking my senior collegues here about the western union money transfer and they did advise me, and so i contact the diplomat and he chose a different option which will be far better....
james zanderport: This means, we are no more doing the western union thing.....
james zanderport: okay, My senior officers said western union is somehow difficult nowadays.. and so we can use moneygram, which is also another money transfer agency.....
SCAMBAITER: oh.. moneygramm, this is something similar, right?
I remember right, it is a cooperation between Western Union and this Money Gram (lol!)
james zanderport: i see. But i think it will be good if you go to the money gram
james zanderport: But also, there has been changes and i need more money than expected my love...
james zanderport: but i will pay you back with an interest if you want...
james zanderport: because i did promise certain things and certain people which i have to fulfill.
james zanderport: Yes my love, i need about 4850 euros in all
james zanderport: because i did remember that the things are very expensive and i need to buy quality ones my love
james zanderport: Please tell me how much interest you will put on that my love...
i will pay that my dear
james zanderport: when i'm with you, i will always make sure you're happy and even when you're sad, i will always be at your side my love
james zanderport: What time can you organize the money tomorrow my love
james zanderport: honey, that will be much a longer time my love. I would like you to do this in the morning my love...
james zanderport: My love, you have still not told me how much interest you will take on the whole money my love. I need to know that baby!
SCAMBAITER: you think, I am not interested in your problems???? Or what?? You make me sad now…
james zanderport: my love, please do not be sad because certain people do take interest when loaning others money. I am very happy you're not one of them and this truly tells me how much you love me.. I love you too baby
james zanderport: please smile for me baby...
james zanderport: I want to see the smile sign my love
SCAMBAITER: really James... you have made me sad L
james zanderport: come on my love, please cheer up! If you're sad, i will also be sad.. Please understand me honey
james zanderport: hello, baby.. are you there..???
SCAMBAITER: yes... crying….  (lol!)
james zanderport: please don't cry baby.. I wish i could call you but you know i can't..
james zanderport: Honey, please don't cry. You know i will be with you soon, kissing you, holding you, and having good and nice times with you
james zanderport: In every relationship, things like this happens to strengthen our love for each other
SCAMBAITER: you thought, I would not like to help you??? (crying)
9:26:46 PM
james zanderport: I truly love you and i love you with all my heart
james zanderport: No, i knew you will like to help me, but i wanted to know if you will put an interest on the money my love. Once again, am sorry
james zanderport: I do swear that you're all i love and want in my life...
SCAMBAITER: I believe you
james zanderport: i am a man of my words and i always make sure i fulfill my promise. I will not say i am perfect because we're all striving at perfection my love
james zanderport: Thank you very much for forgiving me. You're the true woman i've been searching for all this while
SCAMBAITER:  okay.... but I can not go earlier to Money Gram only at lunchtime
james zanderport: okay my love, that is fine, but i will have to send the diplomat an email to know if he will be available because he told me he has other missions he needs to attend to them, and also he needs to come back immediately
james zanderport: if he is busy, then i will have to try to contact, my senior offices to know if there are other diplomats around.
SCAMBAITER: and the sum was 4.850 Euro, right? And to the same man? Same country?
james zanderport: I have just sent him an email and i am expecting him to respond soon. So i will tell you his response. Okay
james zanderport: Yes, the sum is 4850. That's right
james zanderport: baby, did you go to the western union at the post office or the bank???
james zanderport: I am thinking it's because of the location (Ghana) that's why they gave you that letter....  (It was a GAME from Scambaiter)
james zanderport: because my senior officer told me they do that sometimes.. so you can try a different location my love
james zanderport: But you don't have to send the whole sum by one transfer. You will have to divide it into three parts my love....
SCAMBAITER:: I think they are also using these new forms, because of this cooperation (it’s a GAME again!)
james zanderport: This means, you will fill three transfer forms, but one after the other
SCAMBAITER: and why in two parts??
james zanderport: because when you're sending in one transfer, they think that is much sum of money and they will put you through questioning and all that, which isn't needed.
james zanderport: My love, i have been spoken to and you need to please do what i tell you and how to go about it, okay
james zanderport: I am still waiting for the reply from the diplomat
james zanderport: But my senior officer just called me to tell me there's this diplomat in Accra, who will also be coming here on saturday, and so we can also send to him my love..
james zanderport: but lets still wait to hear from the london one...
SCAMBAITER: where is Accra? (lol!)
james zanderport: That is Ghana
SCAMBAITER: and where is Ghana? (hehe!)
james zanderport: that is in africa my love
james zanderport: you don't know that???

A little bit later in this conversation....

james zanderport: honey, i just heard from the diplomat in Accra and he can come with the money if you send that to him tomorrow...
james zanderport: That means i will have to give you his name and address...
james zanderport: and as i told you, you have to divide the transfer into three parts...
james zanderport: This means you will fill three forms. You will do a first transfer of 1450 euros
james zanderport: and a second transfer of 2000 euros
james zanderport: and a third transfer of 1400 euros..okay
SCAMBAITER:  okay darling
james zanderport: He also said, he will need your phone number and so you have to give that to me now baby
SCAMBAITER:  xxxxxxxxxx that's my number
james zanderport: okay baby, i have written that down....
james zanderport: Honey, my senior officers also told ,me sometimes the western union and moneygram agents ask stupid questions and also do stupid interrogations which i want you to be aware of...
james zanderport: therefore you should make sure you let them know you know who are sending the money to incase they ask you..okay
james zanderport: Also, if they ask you the purpose of the money, you should just tell them it's for business
james zanderport: Do you understand me now???
james zanderport: So how would you send me the money transfer number after you do the transfer?
james zanderport: Okay, then i will ask the diplomat to call you for that. What about that my love???
james zanderport: yes, so you have to tell me what time you will be on lunch break and then he will be communicating with you till the transfer is done.. okay!
SCAMBAITER: I will try to write you a mail, when I drive to town to Moneygramm
james zanderport: okay,.. so after receiving the email, then i can ask him to call you right???
james zanderport: or he can even send you a text message on your phone.. is that
james zanderport: please give me your postal code so i can find a closer moneygram agent for you my love
james zanderport: this means you will be at break at 12 right?
SCAMBAITER: between 12.00 and 12.30
james zanderport: i do not understand my love. How many minutes is your break?
james zanderport: it starts at 12? or 12:30???
SCAMBAITER: it depends on how much I have to do……
james zanderport: so what time do you think your break will start tomorrow? Please give me a sure time honey
SCAMBAITER: okay, then 12.30
james zanderport: so this means the diplomat can call you after 12:30 or even send you a text message right??? okay baby
james zanderport: so did you write everything about how i told you to send the transfer?
james zanderport: you will do three transfers....
james zanderport: okay, please write it back and let me know if you did write it well
james zanderport: Please write his name down now honey
james zanderport:

Name: Nana O. Owusu
Address: 62 Kojo Thompson Road
City: Accra
Country: Ghana

SCAMBAITER: It’s done Is he a reliable person?  
james zanderport: Yes my love, i know him personally honey
SCAMBAITER: yes, you.... You know him, but NOT ME!
james zanderport: hahahaha, that is true and he works with the same diplomat in London....
SCAMBAITER: I am a little bit ashamed to ask you... but could you please also ask him, to send me his passport copy?
james zanderport: My love, i can but you know he will be leaving tomorrow to come here and he is only doing me a favor. You have the passport of the other one and it's equally the same baby
SCAMBAITER: no, it's not the same, because it is now another person and sorry James, this person  I also don't know… L
james zanderport: i do understand you my love, but remember he is doing us a favour..
SCAMBAITER: yes I know, but please understand me, okay?
james zanderport: Yes i do understand you my love...
james zanderport: Or do you still want us to send it to the other diplomat? Because i know he will also be travelling to Ghana and i don't know if he has already left
scambaiter: for me it's not important, who I send the money to,  just important thing is: a security point
james zanderport: i can ask the other diplomat if his fellow diplomat is on the flight to Ghana
james zanderport: please give me some few minutes to do that. I want to send him an email to ask that.. Okay
james zanderport: my love, please remember that you will have to go to the moneygram with your id card...
james zanderport: and also, you will have to pay for the transfer charges which i don't think will be much
james zanderport: Please do not forget your id card. Okay
james zanderport: The diplomat is on his way to accra.. so you can send that to his name if you're more secured with that
james zanderport: The Diplomat in Accra just told me that ...
james zanderport: You see, i told you they work together (lol! It’s the same scammer of many faces….)
SCAMBAITER: okay, but what should I do now and which person I have to send the money to now? I'm confused…
james zanderport: so he said he will be there by tomorrow morning
james zanderport: I mean send it in Francis name since you're more secured with that. He will be in Accra tomorrow morning.
SCAMBAITER: okay James, I send the money to him. So now Mr. Francis in Accra, right?
james zanderport: yes my love
james zanderport: i will be behind my computer at 12:30 your time..
SCAMBAITER: I hope I will not forget it… (he-he!)
james zanderport: please dont my love, if you do, then you have forgotten me your love
SCAMBAITER: good night, love of my life (kiss, in love)
james zanderport: good night honey,..
SCAMBAITER: wish you a good sleep and sweet dreams, darling
james zanderport: bye honey
SCAMBAITER: I LOVE YOU MORE (wink, in love) (lol!)

Haha, it seems he doesn't want to make another fake passport...
And the game continued – Money Gram was also using complicated forms ;-)
Then I got a mail, I should send the money to a person  in a European country…

Message N 2:

From: james zanderport <>
Date: XX.September 2013
Subject: Very important my love

Hello my love,
I was hoping to read your email as you promised but you never did. I am very sad about that.

Anyway, i received an email from Diplomat Francis stating that he needs to fill the forms before the transfer will be made. I did speak with my senior officers and one my senior officer's wife is in (country name removed) and she can let me have the money here. I think probably, she;ll come here. She lives in Germany and she wouldn't need to fill in any forms even if it's western union or moneygram. I am writing her details down here and please do your best to send it to her now since she said she has very limited time.

Her name and address is as follows...,

Gisela Marsen
23617 Stockelsdorf

Please send the whole amount to her now and please send me an email immediately.

Thank you and i am sitting here hoping to read from you soon. Bye my love


YM Chat:

james zanderport: so then you have read my email and you have to send the money right now my love.. okay
james zanderport: western union will be better my love....
james zanderport: You ae home now and you can find a western union closer to you and send it to madam gisela Marsen.. That, will be very simple honey
SCAMBAITER: And who is that Gisela Marsen?
james zanderport: oh no
james zanderport: She is one of my senior officers wife my love...
SCAMBAITER: James... I have again a problem now
james zanderport: what is the problem my love??
SCAMBAITER: The problem is, that you maybe know this woman, but I don't :-( and you want, that I send her so much money... (lol! all over again… the cat-and-mouse game… ;-) )
james zanderport: i understand you my love.. but it is my senior officer's wife and there is no problem with that,.. trust me
SCAMBAITER: I can’t do that without hundred-per-cent  assurance, James
james zanderport: It is very safe and reliable honey. Do not worry about that my love
SCAMBAITER: no, I worry, because I have to send all sum of money to her.
james zanderport: my love, i wish you could send the money to Francis , but here is the case it will be a long process...
SCAMBAITER: can you give me her phone number, so that I can call her on the phone?
james zanderport: He is a very nice man and maybe, you can be friends with her wife...
james zanderport: please let me ask of her number now.. OKay
james zanderport: my love, i called my senior officers office and his secretary will call me back
james zanderport: XXXXXX

he gave me a location of Western Union again

SCAMBAITER: I can be there in 15 min.
SCAMBAITER: Have I told you today, how much I love you??
james zanderport: yes i know you love me and you know i love you so much...
james zanderport: i am very sure and i believe you my love
james zanderport: this is the number....
james zanderport: 004917640268028

james zanderport: baby, can you please go and do the transfer now???
SCAMBAITER: first I want to talk to her
james zanderport: but i do not want the western union to close at her place that is why i am thinking you should call her now my love
SCAMBAITER:  I’ve just talked to Mrs. Marsen
james zanderport: and what did she say my love??
SCAMBAITER: everything is okay... I can send the money to her


I called this phone number he gave me and I talked to a German woman. I asked her, if it is okay, that I send her too much money and she said "yes" and that she will forward the money, when she finally get it. It’s nice, isn’t it? 
I told James, that I’m going to Western Union just now to send money to her.. but… I came back with a crazy story 
Enjoy reading ;-) lol!


Take notice (!) all the story below is just a GAME of Scambaiter with the scammer

james zanderport: yes baby
SCAMBAITER: oh, I don't know what to say now, I am out of words…!
james zanderport: why??/
SCAMBAITER: this was the most terrible thing that ever happened with me !!!!!
james zanderport: why??
SCAMBAITER: this woman Gisela Marsen….there must be something wrong with her…
james zanderport: why??
SCAMBAITER: she is blacklisted at Western Union !!! (OMG! lol!)
SCAMBAITER: The man at the bank told me, I can not send money to her, because she in on a black list
james zanderport: i see..
james zanderport: then you have to go to moneygram now my love
james zanderport: I think it's because she sent too much money to her husband
james zanderport: Her husband was telling me earlier to tell you to go to moneygram
SCAMBAITER: they told me something about internet crime and money laundering and such things…
james zanderport: oh i see
james zanderport: Well, it is because she has been sending so much money to her husband sometimes
SCAMBAITER: and they have reported ME to the police !!!! Because I wanted to send money to her !!!!! (Hahahahaha!)
SCAMBAITER: James, that’s terrible!!!
SCAMBAITER: I now have my house baned for all Western Union and the police will call me and ask me about all these things!!!!!
james zanderport: baby, you don't need to fear police..
james zanderport: I am a military…  (LOL!)
SCAMBAITER: oh my God, I don't know what I should do now !!!!!
SCAMBAITER: I have never ever dealt with police
james zanderport: Please wait, and let me call her husband
james zanderport: I will get back to you..okay
james zanderport: Please wait... just a few minutes
james zanderport: Please wait.. i am on phone with her husband my love
SCAMBAITER: oh God, and now I got a mail from them!
SCAMBAITER: they have reported me to the crime commission! (real heavy! lol!)
SCAMBAITER: oh God....!
james zanderport: honey...
james zanderport: are you there..??
SCAMBAITER: what?????
james zanderport: I just spoke with the husband..
SCAMBAITER: James, I am a business woman.... what, will happen if  someone gets to know about all of this????
james zanderport: He said, Western union is combatting money laundary,... and they don't make people send so much money, and the wife has been sending her money and they asked the wife to stop.
SCAMBAITER: I have to declare myself insolvent then!!! (lol!)
SCAMBAITER: oh God, what have I done?????
james zanderport: so the wife is not sending money through western union anymore...
james zanderport: My love, relax...
james zanderport: You haven't committed any crime
SCAMBAITER: no, I can't relax !!!
james zanderport: what do you want to do then??
james zanderport: Have you forgotten i am a military?? (really? we think you are a Ghanaian SCAMMER…! lol!)
james zanderport: and i work with the UN
james zanderport: you have not committed any crime..
james zanderport: that is why i said relax honey
SCAMBAITER: That will help me in no way here, that you are a military man !!!
james zanderport: we are in control....
SCAMBAITER: yes, and now I am in control too
SCAMBAITER: how bad is that??? Terrible!
james zanderport: Baby, .. please wait and let me order a call to the police in xxxxxx
james zanderport: please wait.. okay
SCAMBAITER: yes, call them and tell them, I’ve done nothing !!!
james zanderport: please wait...
james zanderport: My love....
james zanderport: Our security department has just called them and there is no problem. They said western union is trying to protect xxxxxxs and that is why they sometimes act that way.... (lol! who is the better actor: our Scambaiter or that scammer? lol! )
james zanderport: Don't worry, i have asked my senior officers to allow me come to you next week...
james zanderport: and they said i can...
james zanderport: God is wonderful
james zanderport: They said you should not worry.. and my senior officer was laughing at you...
SCAMBAITER: but darling, I must go to the police and make a declaration, that's what Western Union has told me (lol!)
SCAMBAITER: he was laughing????
SCAMBAITER: IDIOT !!! Thats NOT funny !!!!!!!
james zanderport: Yes, he said you need to be strong and know your husband is a
james zanderport: no, he was only teasing me honey
james zanderport: honey, don't worry, when i come, we will both go to the police... (it would be GREAT, Mr. SCAMMER! ! lol!)
SCAMBAITER: and you think, that will help??
james zanderport: yes of course..!
SCAMBAITER: And if not????
james zanderport: That's why i am coming my love.. you haven't committed any
james zanderport: Please do not be worried
james zanderport: Or are you not happy that i am been permitted to come??
SCAMBAITER: James... don't ask me such stupid things
SCAMBAITER: of course I am happy, what do you think about me??
james zanderport: my love, that was just a joke baby
james zanderport: You should know i like to joke most at times.. (we know that, Mr. scammer, but your so-called “JOKES” is a CRIME!)
SCAMBAITER: here is nothing, absolutely nothing funny right now
james zanderport: i know my love...
james zanderport: So i am coming next week, and i am happy..
SCAMBAITER: When you are here I will be happy too
james zanderport: and i will not only cook..
james zanderport: but cook you in bed too..

                              etc… etc over sex…

Scammers usually “press this button” in their game with single women

SCAMBAITER: Jaaaaaaaames......
james zanderport: why???
james zanderport: i miss you my love
SCAMBAITER: I got a mail from Western Union
james zanderport: and thoughts of seeing you makes me too happy right now…
james zanderport: and what are they saying???
SCAMBAITER: oh god, they are writing things about terrorism (Jeepers! lol!)
SCAMBAITER: I will send you the mail now
james zanderport: my love, they are protecting you, and that is the main reason.
james zanderport: You should know i am coming and that should make you now you are safe. Also there is nothing to be scared about. You haven't committed any crime...
SCAMBAITER: give me your e-mail address again please, I am on another account now
james zanderport:
SCAMBAITER: and no, they are NOT protecting me, they say, I am under suspicion of doing money-laundering !!! 
james zanderport: Baby...
james zanderport: we just called the police..
james zanderport: Please relax...
james zanderport: I more than the police and you should understand me.. (geez!)
james zanderport: i am asking you to relax because i am working on that here... (in Internet café discussing the point how to grab the money  in this pretty mess.. lol!)
james zanderport: and i have been asked that i can come and see you
james zanderport: you do not need to be scared...
james zanderport: They said the person you were sending the money to is blacklisted, and they think you might be a suspect...
james zanderport: Madam Marsen's husband is here with me and she said they asked her wife to stop sending money from western union, and that the police will call her and they never called her.
james zanderport: This means, i will be there by next week and you should not worry
james zanderport: When they call you, i will go with you...
james zanderport: Please do not be worried...
SCAMBAITER: okay darling
james zanderport: you don't have to worry at all... western union are very stupid people..
james zanderport: Just go to money gram and divide the transfer into two parts and send it...
SCAMBAITER: oh nooooooooo!!!!
5:16:10 PM
james zanderport: I just contact madam Gisela, and she said western union is stupid
james zanderport: I should have asked you to go to money gram
SCAMBAITER: I should go again????
james zanderport: Yes, to money gram....
james zanderport: she has no problem there,.....
james zanderport: Madam Marsen said western union are stupid people...
james zanderport: yes they are...
james zanderport: can't you realize that??? (very angry scammer – can’t get round to the dough and is mad as a hornet… lol!)
james zanderport: Please go to a different moneygram branch and send the money there....
james zanderport: Divide the money into two parts and send it there...
james zanderport: and when i come to you and we go to the police, i will go to western union and tell them my mind ( PMSL! lol!)
james zanderport: I will make them know they are stupid and i might even sue them..
james zanderport: foolish people
james zanderport: Please go to money gram now my love... i need to receive the money today
SCAMBAITER: oh darling.... what are you doing with me???
james zanderport:
(and again he remind me a location of closest Money Gram branch)
SCAMBAITER: okay, I am on the way out.. wait for me here please, okay?
james zanderport: yes, how far is that from you???
SCAMBAITER: 10 minutes driving
james zanderport: okay.. please divide the transfer into two
james zanderport: yes baby.. i'm waiting here for you


But I came back from Money Gram with bad news for him… (lol!). But he had the next plan, how he could get the money...

james zanderport: my love.. are you there..??
SCAMBAITER:  YES, and I’ll blaze of anger now !!!!!!
SCAMBAITER:  I was there for one minute and then...
SCAMBAITER:   they looked in their computer, told me, I would be blacklisted and said, I should go…! (lol!)
SCAMBAITER:  they are working together with Western Union, did you know that?????
james zanderport: I see...
james zanderport: But that is not true.. I think your city is the one doing all this...
james zanderport: Madam Gisela has given me her bank account
james zanderport: and she said if this western union and money gram thing is bothering, you can send it straight to her bank
james zanderport: Forget them baby They are stupid.. (MG and WU)
james zanderport: I have Gisela's bank account details and you can send it to her..
SCAMBAITER:  this is the most horrible day in my life !!!
james zanderport: i am upset too,... and i will go blast them when i come next week (geez!...)

james zanderport: they are stupid people.
james zanderport: please lets try to get this done today and call it a stressful day
james zanderport: Please go to your bank and just send it to Gisela's bank account.. That's all
james zanderport: i have her bank details here
SCAMBAITER:  I will never ever go to these damn banks again, never, never, never !!!!!!
james zanderport: i hope your bank is still open
SCAMBAITER:  which now?
james zanderport: you will deposit it to madam Gisela's bank account
james zanderport: to her bank account
james zanderport: i don't know how that can work, but please try to wire the money to her bank account which will be very simple
james zanderport: go to your bank and do that
SCAMBAITER:  then I need more information about her bank account
james zanderport: Name: Gisela Marsen

Bank: Deutsche Bank
Kontonummer :
5572193 (This account is reported for closing by Scampolice Group and has been closed)

BLZ 20070024
Deutsche Bank 23617
Stockelsdorf Segebergerstrasse.

james zanderport: that is her bank information
SCAMBAITER: okay darling
james zanderport: please do and do that now...
james zanderport: and after, you have to send me the transfer slip here okay
SCAMBAITER: now I can not do it James I must wait until monday
james zanderport: Well, i will ask her and also tell her about all this... but if you could find someone to send it tomorrow, i will also ask her to find someone to receive it...
james zanderport: but western union and money gram works on weekends.....
james zanderport: They do my love, they work everyday
SCAMBAITER: yes, but I’ve banned from both, have you forgotten?  
james zanderport: yes i know.. That is why i am asking if you could get someone to send that for you,... then i will also ask madam Gisela to go with her daughter who is much older .
james zanderport: Then your person could send it to Madam Gisela's daughter..
james zanderport: Her daughter is not blacklisted..
james zanderport: and your friend is also not black listed
SCAMBAITER: mmmh.... let me think…
james zanderport: because Gisela sent me an email saying you can also send it to her daughters name if you are having problems
james zanderport: So if you will have someone who can send it to her, then that will not be a problem at all
SCAMBAITER: okay, details please...
james zanderport: will you have someone to send that for you???
SCAMBAITER: yes, I think I have someone
james zanderport: and who is that???
SCAMBAITER:  it's the son of my neighbors and he owes me a favor, because some time ago he made a scratch on my car
james zanderport: i hope he will help you with that
SCAMBAITER: I am sure he will, I have not reported him to the police ;-)
SCAMBAITER: wait please, I will call him on the phone and ask
james zanderport: okay my love
SCAMBAITER: Okay James, he will help me
james zanderport: i asked you a question...
james zanderport: will you do that now..??
james zanderport: please wait... let me give you the details my love
SCAMBAITER: okay darling
james zanderport: you can do this by western union..
james zanderport: i love you so much...
james zanderport: I am waiting for the details so you can go..
james zanderport: please give me some few minutes
james zanderport: Please wait...
SCAMBAITER: but remember, they also close at 7 pm !
james zanderport: I am doing that now.. please be a little patient with me (scuttling around in the scammer Group…lol!)
james zanderport: so what are your plans for the weekend??
SCAMBAITER: chat with you for a very long time… (kiss kiss..)
james zanderport: okay my love... that is very good to hear
james zanderport: and then we can plan all what we'll do when i arrive
james zanderport: okay
SCAMBAITER: yessssss, very okay  xxx
james zanderport: great
james zanderport: i am happy to see you soon my love
james zanderport: and i will kiss you and never stop holding you
SCAMBAITER: If you only could imagine, how happy I am, when you are here...
james zanderport: i hope so baby
SCAMBAITER:  I will be the most happiest person on earth !!!!!
james zanderport: yes me too my love
SCAMBAITER:  darling, the time is running.... (tick-tock!! Hurry up, scammer!)
james zanderport: yes i know
james zanderport: you have more than 30 minutes
james zanderport: please be patient.. i think my officer is out of office and will be with me soon..
james zanderport: please be patient
james zanderport: okay, then i will let the diplomat call you so that you can give him the number or transfer details immediately
james zanderport: We will also need the boy who will help you to send it's name
james zanderport: You know that right???
SCAMBAITER: no, I can not pick up phone calls when I am in my car, thats forbidden
SCAMBAITER: His name is xxxxxxx
james zanderport: Is that what he has on his id card???
james zanderport: i mean is that the name on his id card?/
SCAMBAITER: yes, sure
james zanderport: okay baby.... Then i am writing that down now...
SCAMBAITER: Darling.... the time !!!!!!!
james zanderport: just 3 minutes baby
james zanderport: am trying to call him (our Scambaiter has driven you hard, scammer!!)
SCAMBAITER: okay, but now I really have to hurry up...!
james zanderport: my senior officer is on patrol i think... so can we do the transfer tomorrow morning???
james zanderport: but it should be early..
SCAMBAITER:  no problem
james zanderport: i think they open at 9 my love
SCAMBAITER:  okay James


Later in the evening he told me the name of the next person, I should send the money to...

james zanderport: Okay,.. please take a pen and write the details down..
james zanderport: And please make sure you divide the transfer into two parts.. Okay
james zanderport: And make sure the boy also go along with his id card.. okay
james zanderport: okay my love.. this is the details
james zanderport:

Rana Hakverdi


Nooooo, the game is not over here :-)
Next day we came back from Western Union with another form which should be filled out by receiver of the money  Rana Hakverdi… lol!
The only thing he wanted, was the MTCN...

james zanderport: yes baby
SCAMBAITER:   We are back
james zanderport: was everything okay???
SCAMBAITER:  yes, everything was okay, the money has been sent  (a joke, of course ;-) )
james zanderport: okay baby...
james zanderport: then you have to give me the mtcn on the receipt
SCAMBAITER:   yes I know, I’ll send you a mail with those numbers
SCAMBAITER:  Markus got them via mail from Western Union and sent me the mail
and I forwarded it to you
james zanderport: ah
SCAMBAITER: is something wrong again????
james zanderport: The mtcn is on the receipt you have
james zanderport: It is a ten digit
james zanderport: It is not suppose to be sent to you by email
SCAMBAITER:  the MTCN is what they sent to Markus
james zanderport: Please look on the receipt love
SCAMBAITER: on what? (:-o )
james zanderport: did you not have a receipt from the transfer you made...
james zanderport: Marcus filled a western union form
james zanderport: And with this form, There is an mtcn on it
 SCAMBAITER:  they make that with the MTCN now with mail and it is a barcode
SCAMBAITER:  They told Markus, that every Western Union can read barcodes and with them the receiver can pick up the money, so that's all you need
SCAMBAITER:  the lady must go to Western Union with these two barcodes and then she get the money
james zanderport: i see.. well, this is new to me..
SCAMBAITER: I don't know if it is new or not
james zanderport: it is new..
james zanderport: Did you take western union telephone number??
SCAMBAITER:  Darling, I must go back to my housework... all I do today is drive to town and back and then again to town and back...
SCAMBAITER:  I have a lot of things to do…
SCAMBAITER:  give the barcode to the woman and she can get the money
james zanderport: Ones the money has been sent, i will forward this to Madam Gisela ...
3:39:53 PM
james zanderport: This means she should print the barcode and take it to the western union right???
SCAMBAITER: yes, right - but not you, this Rena or Rana or what her name is…?
SCAMBAITER: just she must do it
james zanderport: So did you not get any receipt from the western union???
SCAMBAITER: no, Markus got only the mail, which I sent you
james zanderport: so after she gave them the money and filled the form, they asked him to go home and that they will send him an email with the mtcn??
james zanderport: Is that what happened???
james zanderport: I will forward the mtcn to them now and will get back to you.. Okay
SCAMBAITER: this bank seems to be very complicated... (lol!)
james zanderport: Yes, i am even surprise..
james zanderport: How much did you make in the first transfer????
SCAMBAITER: Markus send 2.400 Euro and 2.450 Euro
james zanderport: Please go and do your house work now and i will forward the email to Gisela now
SCAMBAITER: not to Gisela, to this Rena, Rana...
james zanderport: I know my love...
james zanderport: okay baby.. please send me an email after you're done.. Okay
james zanderport: bye with hugs and kisses my love
SCAMBAITER: millions kisses and hugs also to you, love of my life xxxxxxxx….


Too sad, that he later told me: the money could not been picked up, WU could not read barcodes…. lol!

Really it’s so sad: stupid mugu plaing  over “barcodes” and getting nothing … lol!

He told me next, I should  send the money from my bank to the bank of Gisela Marsen, but the game has been finished…


However the game is go on… ;-)


He told me after a while, that  he is a Ghanaian man, 31 years old. But then he switched back to his old script and told me, he would not be a scammer, he would be the real person I can see on the photos and he is a military He sent to me  about 20 mails,  trying to convince me, that he is the real person I can see on all the photos and that his account was hacked and he would be a victim too (identity theft). I made him think, that I believe him and we contined our talks…

Here are the some mails, he sent to me:

Message N3:

From: james zanderport
Date: XX Sep 2013
Subject: Re: Darling it was an impersonation try understand me

(name removed),how are you doing out there and i guess you had a good sleep last night?Mine has always been bad after that impersonator intruded into my account causing all these messes between us now .This is taking a heavy toll on me at this moment of my life,i can not give up on you , (name removed),we had a life well planned and we have talked so much about our future and all ,so why are you asking me to give up now ?Even though i have never met you in person our daily chats and exchange of emails made me got closer to you,you talk of your heart being broken but i can assure you that mine is torn into pieces .

I did believed everything we said to each other till the later part of our relationship when my email was hackd. (name removed),  haven't you heard of someone or an institution emails address and domain being hacked ?This is the real gospel truth that i am trying to explain to you try and understand me my love .I can never cheat you or play nasty games with your feeling ,i will never like it if someone does that to me.

Well so in this case what you want now is for me to have a mail address registered with the military domain,is that what you are trying to mean?If that is the case i will see about that and keep you posted. (name removed),  you have to also bear in mind that it is never easy coming this far with you,i love you so much and nothing on this planet can change the feeling i have for you ,shakespear once said the course of true never runs smoothly ,i have been a victim of such and i feel and now know how painful it is .Enjoy your weekend and still looking forward to your response .



The massage on the very day:

 Message N 4:

Date: XX Sep 2013
Subject: Re: Darling it was an impersonation try understand me

(name removed),   ,i am human and i have feelings of which no one can take that away from me no matter what .I have told you in my previous email that i can never take any passion or joy with playing with your heart or your emotional feelings i respected and cherished you so much i did appreciated all the messages and chats we shared .I am so much sorry to read from you that you are dying out there but my worry is you do not seem to understand all these explanations i am giving to you .Than domain or web host as in does not go anywhere and it is used by fraudsters and those thief's on the internet ,just see how a stupid hacker has ruined our life !

My darling there is no single sense or rational behind faking that i am a military officer or not for which i know you will surely see me one day and that conversation about my profession will pop up for discussion.I am a complete and full military officer serving for the United States of America,the email i have is what we are communicating through.I am a real man and not just a ghost hiding somewhere with the intention of playing with your emotions.Identity theft is what i am suffering from with you at the moment.
(name removed),   why are you being so difficult in trusting anything i tell you ?,heaven knows my heart and i know God is watching .

This issue of me being 31 years old boy and trying to date you was beginning and the moment of where the budged into my email address and broke through .I always read about all that it saddens my heart very much ,those greedy black young guys out there can never ruin our life and you should never accept that,i was very honest with and if i was a black guy why didn't i told you earlier on ,i have a strong impression that someone out there was monitoring our conversation someway somehow because i just can not believe all those nonsense.

My picture can be seen on the internet because western union blacklisted my name as you were trying all ways and means to have the money sent to Francais(diplomat) so that is no news to be and there will be no wonder other stupid guys out there will also go there and have my picture uploaded,change the name and use it on other innocent women ,it saddens my heart very much when ever it occurs to me.It is not a matter of me living in africa with a wife and kid ,and also without job the answer to that is a big NO .If i am a thief or scammer as you have been told i would have forgotten about by now but the love we shared is still hanging on and i need to express my self and have everything well explained to the best of your understanding.I am not the only victim of this incidence we have so many men and women here who have fallen victim of people using their identity to dupe innocent men and women .

Playing with a woman's heart is just like looking at her in the face and stabbing her right in the chest.I am a christian and i can never do that ,i have heard of innocent women losing their life and properties to such scandals.But i never had such intentions for you ,i am not  a kid to play such cheap games for anything.
(name removed),  you still live in my heart and i can never say good bye to you because my heart,body and souls says Yes they need you and i can not say no to that ,i will write to you everyday and have a chat with you i believe with time you will get to understand what i mean .The heart of every woman is very fragile and the pains psychological trauma you are going through really needs a good and healthy time to heal.I do care ,love and cherish you very much.

Still Your James


and another the same day message:

Message N 5:

Date: XX Sep 2013
Subject: Re: and now?

I have so much to say to you ..

I did loved you so much with all my heart ,if i never loved you i would have been gone by now,because what we had was real and not mind games.I know how you feel (name removed),  ,why dont you want to accept the fact that my email account was hacked ,i feel too bad when you seem not to understand me it really hurts me badly .Darling i love you with all my heart ,all these and what happened was never my fault my email address was hacked from last Thursday and through out so i just had access to it this just past Wednesday darling please forgive me it was never my fault. (name removed),   i am use to you now and you can not live me this way ,i need a life with you ,i need to hold touch and smell you around me .


There were much, much more mails like these - and then I told him, I would believe him and that I still love him. I just wanted to know, what comes next...
It took some time, but of course he asked again for money... ;-)

Here is our YM chat:


James Zanderport: Sweetheart there is something i want us to talk about today and this will determine out true love for each other.

James Zanderport: Do you love me with all your heart and ready for us to be one body and soul then you have to listen to me

James Zanderport: This my life and everything to make us happy. You know soon i will be out of here and going to be with you.

Scambaiter: Yes I know and I hardly wait for this day

James Zanderport: Now i need you more in my life. If care is not taken i will loose everything and my life because , i have worked my whole life to get this.

Scambaiter: what are you talking about, darling? (Money again…? LOL!)

James Zanderport: I ask you again do you love me and want the best for me? I have been thinking all day and waitin for you

Scambaiter: James, you know that I love you more than I ever loved a man before... Why do you ask me this? You are scaring me.. (because I know what you want… ;-) ha-ha!)

James Zanderport: My problem is now beyond me and today i tell you. It is about my stuff. I was try to make away out but nothing can be done unless you assist me. The stuffs is killing me now .
If i do not act fast i will loose everything i have worked for and i want you to know that whatever belongs to me belongs to you.

Scambaiter: what kind of stuff, James?

James Zanderport: My package. I didn't want to talk about all again until now. The last time i wanted you to calm down but is in a critical situation and now i will not be able to live again if something bad happens.

Scambaiter: you make me afraid ( lol!!!)

James Zanderport: Now love i fear to loose the stuffs i worked all my life for.

Scambaiter: what stuffs?

James Zanderport: I just want you to know how serious it is so is now we act fast and do what is necessary

Scambaiter: and what is necessary?

James Zanderport: Listen i want you to know that i love you and will share everything with you. I have a package which i want you to help me with.

Scambaiter: and how can I help you?

James Zanderport: My love i want you to keep it when is with you. But now you have to make sure it gets to you. Listen to this. The content will make us happy for the rest of our life.

Scambaiter: what should I do?

James Zanderport: Now my situation is bad here...The stuff is been help and now the customs demanding huge amount of money. I want you to help me with everything and make sure you have it kept with you until i come to you.

Scambaiter: which customs? (I am a little bit stupid... lol!)

James Zanderport: I want you to listen to me now. I want to prove this as my life for you cos together we share

James Zanderport: The package is been help with customs and they are demanding money else i will loose it. I ntver want anything bad to happen to it so i agree to pay the cost to get the package out. 

Scambaiter: and whom is the package on the way to?

James Zanderport: It is in uk now and the message i got is bad. If i do not make a move tomorrow ? It will be siezed so i have to make the payment to get it cleared out.

Scambaiter: okay, and WHOM the package should be delivered to? 

James Zanderport: To you . I want you to keep it safe for me until i come to you. You are my wife and the only one to keep it safe

James Zanderport: Please for the sake of my love. I want you to give me all details cos i want to write to make sure it is delivered to you. Address , phone number 

Scambaiter: James.. when the package is on the way to me, I am sure, you have put my address on it… or not?

James Zanderport: My love is been help and i want to make sure everything is under control. So give me everything so that no mistake will be made. Is on but am getting in contact to make sure everything is correct love.

James Zanderport: I ask you and you ask me back. I told you i want to make sure everything is correct so give me and not ask me . Tomorrow we must act fast else i will be in a big problem. There is no time to waste so lets do what is right now. Can you get all arrange tomorrow so that i let you do what is right.

Scambaiter: Stop, stop, stop.... you told me, the package is in UK now. So when you sent it from Afghanistan, you put an address on it and I only want to know, which one?

James Zanderport: I have to look inside my stuff. I have it writen but have to make sure everything is correct . I will not afford to loose any information again

James Zanderport: Tomorrow is going to be a difficult day love. Can you raise money so the payment can be made as soon as possible. The more i delay the more problem. This the time i need you most.

Scambaiter: how much?

James Zanderport: 60.000 euros. It has gotten to the hands of customs and they want to open the box. If they find out what is inside i will pay alot. I want to make sure we do it fast love.

Scambaiter: please what? HOW MUCH? (:-O)

James Zanderport: Yes love that is the amount. What i have inside cost millions of dollars and i do not want anyone to open and know. Nevere disclose to anyone else i will be in problem. We are going to be happy with this after am home with you. I love you so i share everything with you.

Scambaiter: yes, you are doing the right thing darling, but 60.000? :-O  That’s soooo much (cancel the four zeros – probably I could send 6 to you… ;-) LOL!)

James Zanderport: My love is better to pay than let them know cos they will take more when they find out. Please for the sake of our love there is no time to waste. Tell me what you think fast so that we know what to do

Scambaiter: and I should send all this money to the customs in UK?

James Zanderport: Yes after getting his details. I will have to write to them tonight. Then tomorrow everything can be done. So am here to talk to you as my wife then tomorrow we get it done fast.

Scambaiter: give me the bank account information, so that I can send it

James Zanderport: That will be tomorrow morning cos i have to make sure i write and get a reply from then. 

James Zanderport: But you have to have time tomorrow love. We must get in touch tomorrow all day.

James Zanderport: Can you be online all day ?

Scambaiter: no, I can not

James Zanderport: We really have to . So what time can you be online? cos i am writing them now and see if i can get an answer

Scambaiter: I can be online during my break for lunch

James Zanderport: Hold on now going to washroom (to discuss the issue with your gang lol!)

Scambaiter: ok

James Zanderport: I am back. Have you had dinner?

Scambaiter: sure I had

James Zanderport: Good. I have sent a message to them and hope i hear from them.

Scambaiter: okay darling

James Zanderport: I want you to know that i will love you for the rest of my life.

Scambaiter: ooohhhh!  James...  (lol!)

James Zanderport: I feel you are my life. I have never felt this love for a long time and i thank God for bring you into my life.

Scambaiter: I am more than thankful, that I have you in mine

James Zanderport: Together we are blessed and happy.

Scambaiter: yes, that’s true. What would I do without you?

James Zanderport: I ask myself too. You are like a star in my life and I vow to love you for the rest of my life. Please never let me down cos i love you

Scambaiter: I will never let you down my darling and I hope, you know that

James Zanderport: You are my life and i love you forever

Scambaiter: for ever and always (I'm going to be sick right now… lol!)

James Zanderport: Yes always. I will kiss you every morning when i wake up

Scambaiter: yes, please do that... (he-he!)

James Zanderport: I will always 

Scambaiter: I love you 

James Zanderport: I love you too with all my heart

Scambaiter: I love you more (lol!)

James Zanderport: I wish i can hug you now . You are my everything and will always cherish you as my wife.

Scambaiter: and I will love you like my cherished husband deserves it (kiss…kiss.. lol!)

James Zanderport: Yes we already see each other as husband and wife. I will make you the best wife

Scambaiter: Mrs. Zanderport....  sounds so good  ;-)

James Zanderport: Yes together we make each other happy

Scambaiter: I know we will do that

James Zanderport: Yes will you always prepare me breakfast or i will

Scambaiter: I will prepare breakfast, and lunch and dinner. All…

James Zanderport: Wow thats sound sweet 

James Zanderport: It will be so nice when we both cook together. You will be a good wife.

Scambaiter: and you a good husband

James Zanderport: Yes together good couples

James Zanderport: What time will you go to work tomorrow and also have lunch?

Scambaiter: leave here maybe 7.15am and have the break for lunch at 12.15pm

James Zanderport: oh ok then what time can you send it then.

Scambaiter: when I finish my work... thats always different

James Zanderport: I'm only waiting for the details and then give to you. But make sure you will stay online anytime you have a chance ok

Scambaiter: I think between 4 and 5 pm

James Zanderport: That is the time you can do the transfer?

Scambaiter: yes, right

James Zanderport: Ok then am sure by that time will have the details. So i will forward to your email .

Scambaiter: okay my love

James Zanderport: Thank you. After everything is done you send me the transfer slip so that i can show to them. Then they can get everything done fast.

Scambaiter: okay darling, I will send it to you with mail

James Zanderport: When you receive it pls don't say anytime to them when they deliver ok. You keep it well when i come we can enlarge our business. You will be my only love forever.

James Zanderport: Yes you can send from your bank. Can you transfer from home?

Scambaiter: Don't worry darling, I will not talk about all that. Oh, you mean online banking?

James Zanderport: ok i trust you. Yes can you do it online banking

Scambaiter: no darling, I don't do online banking, must go to my bank and send it from there

James Zanderport: Yes you can also go to the bank. We surely conclude all that before you send when i have the details

Scambaiter: I don't trust all these online things

James Zanderport: Yes you are right. Is better you go to the bank

Scambaiter: I love you, darling

James Zanderport: I wish you a sound sleep and always love you. sweet dreams

Scambaiter: bye and do always take care for me, okay?

James Zanderport: Yes i will and you too

James Zanderport: bye


The next morning I got a mail from him with the bank details:

Message N 6: 

IP: (Ghana)

Date: XX Oct 2013
Subject: Re: darling, good morning

Hello (name removed)

Wow nice to read your message this morning. You are so lovely and such a wonderful wife. Hope you did enjoyed your coffee? I miss you already and wish you a great day. I love you. I have receive details for the transfer so make sure everything is done as soon as possible. We talk again at 12 pm until then love you always.

Kiss kiss

SORT CODE: 20-92-60
IBAN NUMBER: GB12BARC20926030656070


I said him today, that the money have been sent… and he should wait until the money will arrive in UK (actually, it will happen when pigs begin to fly… lol!)


Scammer was busy with our Scambaiter and spent much time making circles round some “homework” given him by Scambaiter and was completely busy with this game, so had no time to scam other women and eventually got nothing… ;)


                This is a SCAM! DO NOT RESPOND!


            Advance Fee Fraud


               John F. White /
        Holman Fenwick Willan

Phone number: : +447045784155 (redirect number to Africa)


From: John F. White Estates <>
Sent: Thursday, September 26, 2013 9:08 AM
Notification of Bequest

John White a WVU Tech grad and friend to many at WVU Tech, including me, passed away on March 18, 2009. below is the notice from the Charleston Gazette:

John F. White, 46, of Montgomery died March 18, 2009.

He was born September 26, 1962, in Montgomery, Fayette County, and was the son of William B. White of Montgomery and the late Melba Lou Fitz water White. He was also preceded in death by his aunt, Betty Carson.

He was employed at Mount Olive Correctional Center and a member of Coal Valley Lodge 74 AF&AM, Montgomery. He was a member of St. Antony's Shrine/Immaculate Conception Catholic Parish in Boomer and Montgomery. He loved playing the piano and singing. John was also a member of the Upper Kanawha Valley Chamber of Commerce and had graduated in 2006 from West Virginia University Institute of Technology.

On behalf of the Trustees and Executor of the Estate of late John F. White, I hereby attempt to reach you again. I wish to notify you that Late John F.White made you a beneficiary to His will. He left the sum of Four Million five Hundred Thousand Dollars.($4,500,000.00) to you in the codicil land last testament to his will. This may sound strange and Unbelievable to you, but it is real and true. John F. White was known for his humanitarian work.

He was the founder and the host of the John F. White & Friends' annual charity concerts and related activities in Montgomery, United States Of America. There he saved with Mount Olive Correctional Center. Late John F. White until his death was a very dedicated Christian who loved to give out. His great philanthropy earned him numerous awards during his life time, late John F. White died at the Age of 47 years.

According to him this money is to support your activities and to help the poor and the needy including charity organizations of your choice for the good work of the lord, and also to help the motherless and less privilege and assistance of the widows according to (JAMES 1:27).

NB: We will appreciate your utmost confidentiality in this matter until the task is accomplished as we don't want anything that will jeopardize the last wish of Late Mr. John F. White because we don't want the family and relations or anybody to know about this transaction due to the instruction given to us by Late John F. White.

Please you should fill the information below for more charities and identification of your Informations we have here and also contact the lawyer in charge with the email address below so that the process of this transaction can proceed? And he will direct you on how to contact the paying bank for the release of your (money) fund. Here is the e-mail:

1. Full Name.
2. Mobile Telephone number,
3. Age.
4. Contact address/Country.
5. Occupation.

Yours in Service,

ATTORNEY & ASS. Notary Public Solicitor & Legal Practitioner
Advocate Address: 3 Friary Court,65 Crutched Friars,
London, Greater London United Kingdom EC3N 2AE
Direct Phone: +447045784155 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm London Local Time)


                This is a SCAM! DO NOT RESPOND!


                 Advance Fee Fraud


                Cleave  Stevenson

Phone number: +234-7088787565
Number billable as      mobile number
Country or destination            Nigeria
Original network provider*    Airtel Ltd (Celtel)


From: Mr.Cleave Stevenson <>
Sent: Friday, September 27, 2013 2:38 PM
Subject: From Mr.Cleave Stevenson

From Mr. Cleave  Stevenson,

I  Am Mr. Cleave  Stevenson, Director, Foreign Remittance Department- Central Bank of Nigeria {CBN}. I am contacting based on a recent meeting held with the Office of the Presidency, Federal Republic of Nigeria in conjunction with the Federal Ministry of Finance and Senate committee Budget Planning  Unite, National House of Assembly-Federal Republic of Nigeria. After the meeting, it was agreed that you will receive a "Part Payment" of Five Million United States Dollars Only {US$5,000,000.00} out of your long complicated outstanding payment.

Why we did this, is because according to information gathered from the banks computer, you have been waiting for a long time to receive your money without success, as I found out that you have almost met all the statutory requirements of the CBN in respect of your contract payment, your problem is that of interest groups.

I am willing to help you get your money but please for security reasons do not tell anybody that you have your money until you receive cash at your doorstep.

This is something we want to avoid because the boxes were padded with machine. We told the courier service that the boxes contains photographic and film materials and when opened will loose its efficacy. We did not declare money because courier service does not carry money.

In your subsequence response I shall send you the details of the courier company which will be in charge of the delivery to your location, we have concluded that you must compensate us with $500,000 United States dollars as soon as you receive your money. To this effect, you will send us a promissory note for $500,000 United States dollars along with your address for sending the boxes by courier. Please maintain topmost secrecy as it may cause a lot of problems if found out that we are using this way to help you, do not ever tell anybody about this until you have your money.

You are required to re-confirm the under listed details as soon as possible for onward shipment of your over due contract fund:

Your full name:
Private telephone number:
Choice of address {where you wish the consignment delivered}:

God is with us as we wait for your reply.

Yours faithfully,
Mr.Cleave  Stevenson


                This is a SCAM! DO NOT RESPOND!


              Package delivery scam


                             Captain Greg


Sent:  September XX, 2013



                This is a SCAM! DO NOT RESPOND!


              Package delivery scam


                   Home Ray /

                  Donald Ruff

          National Diplomatic Agent

Phone numbers:

1. +91 9582862073

Number billable as      mobile number
Country or destination            India
City or exchange location       Delhi
Original network provider*    Vodafone Essar Ltd

2. +646 657-32737

Number billable as      geographic number
Country or destination            New Zealand
City or exchange location       Lower North Island


From: HOME RAJ <>
Sent:  September 19, 2013
Subject: consignment box delivery

We have finally arranged to transfer your 4.500.000.00 USD through national
diplomatic agent. We were able to accomplish this through the help of Rev.John
Adams of federal high court of justice and every necessary arrangement has been
made successfully with the National Diplomatic Agent Donald Ruff. Contact the
diplomatic agent with your delivery information, your phone number,address,
city, nearest airport and your receiver's name. Name: Email  Phone number: (646) 657-32737

Home Raj
Telephone +91 9582862073

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